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Software Development vs. Technology Consultation

Imagine you have a brilliant idea to improve a mission-critical aspect of your business.  You’ve sketched out a few wireframes and can visualize the outcome, but you know you need to collaborate with an expert to bring the project to fruition. Do you choose a software company or a tech consulting company? If you tap the wrong typeContinue Reading

6 Ways To Avoid Disastrous Dev Distractions

  Disruptions are unavoidable when working on development projects with a large scope. Whether due to misunderstandings in specifications, unexpected snags, illness, attrition, or unforeseen scenarios, the result is the same: the risk of overrun budgets and deadlines.   Identify and mitigate risks up-front At its best, disruption can be an inconvenience. At its worst,Continue Reading

Software Inheritance: To Rebuild or Not Rebuild?

Inheriting software application code, especially complex systems, is no simple task. We frequently find ourselves in front of new clients with existing systems that are unstable or are in need of significant changes. Continue Reading

The Challenges Of Sourcing Top Tech Talent

  Over the past 12 years, businesses have created over 12 million jobs in the US, and many of these are going unfilled because of a lack of qualified candidates.  The challenge is real and poses a major obstacle to businesses whose growth is hamstrung by this talent vacuum.   President Obama recently announced theContinue Reading