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The Lure of the Independent Software Developer

Hiring a Software Development Firm versus a Contractor As the unfulfilled demand for software developer talent reached a peak after the 2008 recession recovery, companies began changing their approach. The ability to recruit and retain direct hires became extremely difficult so markets emerged, catalyzed by online services, for organizations to bring in independent software contractors.Continue Reading

The Value of Strategic Partnerships

Most established professionals have a contacts in their field for the occasional referral. However, a true strategic partner is much more. In today’s highly competitive, super-connected business arena, partnerships have taken on significant importance. Part of our ongoing success depends not only on our abilities, but also on the capabilities, channels, and insights we canContinue Reading

Team Augmentation vs. Staff Augmentation

Organizations in need of qualified IT talent for short term projects or spikes in software development demand staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is the temporary engagement of individuals via recruitment agencies. The individuals often look and feel like full time employees in their routine and the manner in which work is delegated to them. However, thereContinue Reading

Chicago’s Tech Scene: Accelerating Dreams and Incubating Innovation

  Greatness is most often made, not born, so it’s imperative that promising tech innovators have the opportunity make their dreams tangible realities. Inventors and entrepreneurs are at somewhat of a greater advantage than those of the past due to crowdfunding websites, but those platforms only assist in one aspect of realizing a dream –Continue Reading