That’s a Wrap: Youth Web Development Demo Day

The Youth Web Development Starter Program, in conjunction with the Black Star Project, wrapped up the 15-week course with a demo day where students showcased their work to their clients, families, and other members of the black star project. C|S|S President, Dan Phillips, had an amazing time celebrating with the students and presenting key takeaways from the inaugural class. Below are some of the photos from the event. 

C|S|S President, Dan Phillips kicks off Demo Day with an overview of the class and the student's accomplishments. 



Christian Davis (second from left) is all smiles when it comes to the website that Javontae Haris (third from left) created for his financial services business.



Cameron, a soccer aficionado, presents the website he created for Ochoa Sporting Goods.



Ramone breaks down the structure of the website he spun up for Bellwood Sweets.



Black Star Project founder, Phillip Jackson, presents Henry with a certification of completion. 



Parents came out to celebrate the hard work and dedication of these students who committed to learning a career-enabling skillset. 


Other local business websites: 

I had an incredible time assist-teaching the Youth Web Development Starter Program. It is an unexplainable feeling knowing that we were able to positively impact the lives of these kids by providing them with a skillset that continues to grow in demand everyday. Some of the most rewarding moments was watching their eyes light up each time they reached project milestones. It's important that we are all doing our part to empower local youth with new-age skills that will set them on a path for future success and leadership.